Need Inspiration? Some Ways to Use Anchor

Use your voice to connect with listeners like never before.

Here are a few ideas to get you started...

AMA with Listeners: Answer with your voice

Cutting Room Floor: Bloopers, outtakes, and unused clips

Short Story: 
Craft a 2 minute tale (or reply to your own waves to extend the story)

Give a peek "behind the veil" of your work or company

#BreakingWaves: Share breaking news or announcements first

Talk-Backs: Host a Q&A on your podcast, new product, or maybe just the latest GOT episode

Interview: Capture a moment from the real world

 Create your podcast entirely on Anchor

Story Prompt: Inspire storytelling with an interesting prompt

Make an anchor-original song with listeners' help

Jam Sessions:
Record a rehearsal, an acoustic track, or impromptu playing

Listener Requests:
Ask your followers to do something

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