Turn your audio into a transcribed video

You can always share a link to your station (or to a specific segment), but in our opinion the best way to get your audio heard outside of Anchor is to share a transcribed video. Here's what Anchor videos look like, and here's how it works!
  1. Record a segment and add it to your station. (You can also trim and upload any pre-existing audio at anchor.fm/clip!)
  2. Go to your profile in the Anchor app and tap the new video icon next to your segment. We'll automatically transcribe your words!
  3. Preview your transcription, and touch up any words that may have been misheard or skipped over (there shouldn't be many). We'll generate a video, and you can choose whether to save/share it in square, wide, or tall.

Which segments can be transcribed

Any segment that you created, and that is active in your current station, can be transcribed. (We'll likely add support for archived content in the near future, but for now the segments must be active.) The following types of segments will not give you the option to create a video:
  • Songs
  • Segments from other people's stations
  • Call-ins (this also may change in the future)
  • Audio over 5 minutes long (i.e., extra long interviews)
Email us if you have any questions, or you can read more in our announcement blog post here!

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