Switch your existing podcast to Anchor (for free!)

If you're an existing podcaster who'd like to use Anchor for creating and hosting future episodes, but you don't want to lose your existing podcast presence, here's how we can help.

Benefits of Switching to Anchor

  • Anchor is 100% free. Yup. Including hosting costs.
  • You can create your future podcast episodes right from your phone. That means no more expensive hardware, fuddling with RSS feeds, or hours of editing audio.
  • You get full access to all of Anchor's unique, innovative features - like remote interviews and call-ins from your listeners.

How it Works

First, import your RSS feed at anchor.fm/switch. You'll need to log in or sign up with Anchor so we can store your podcast episodes.

We'll turn all of your existing podcast episodes into episodes in Anchor. This means that - in addition to your presence in existing podcast providers' stores - people will be able to hear your episodes in the Anchor app as well. Note that syncing your episodes to Anchor can take up to a few hours, depending on how much audio you have in your existing podcast.

Next, update your existing podcast hosting service to redirect to point to your new Anchor RSS feed (detailed instructions here). All your listeners, reviews, episodes, etc will be preserved.

And that's it - your podcast is now hosted on Anchor!

What Happens Next / Creating New Episodes on Anchor

Once you’ve switched your podcast to Anchor, all future episodes will need to be created through Anchor.

You have a couple options for recording and uploading your audio, but note that in either case you’ll need to work with the Anchor format, which is designed to create long episodes out of multiple shorter segments (up to 5 minutes each). You can read more about creating episodes right here.
  1. The easiest method is to use our mobile app to capture audio. Any episodes you create in Anchor will automatically be synced to your podcast, so you literally don’t have to do any work besides recording your voice (or whatever else you want to put in your podcast).
  2. You can also record and edit your audio externally, and upload it to Anchor at anchor.fm/clip. We allow you to import audio files of any size/length, but you will need to separate each file into 5 minute chunks. These segments will be separated natively in the Anchor app, but will play through seamlessly in your podcast and sound the same as if you uploaded your file any other way.
You’ll also be able to manage the details for your podcast from within the Anchor mobile app - so you can update your cover art, description, and episode info any time from your phone - and we'll surface podcast plays in Anchor alongside your in-app activity.

Note that new episodes created in Anchor will have a short piece of audio appended as a pre-roll and post-roll explaining that the episode was made with Anchor. Your existing episodes will not be affected.

About Anchor

If you haven’t used Anchor before, here’s a quick primer. We’ve developed ridiculously easy software that enabled anyone to capture audio, edit it in seconds, and turn it into a podcast from their phone. Any time you create a new episode in the Anchor app for iOS or Android, it’ll automatically sync to your podcast everywhere it appears (currently, we natively support Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Overcast, and Pocket Casts).

In our quest to democratize audio, we’ve also created a brand new format, which has elements that will remind you of popular Story formats like Snapchat and Instagram Stories. When you upload audio to your Anchor station, each segment has a limit of 5 minutes (but an episode can contain as many segments as you want, and therefore has no overall time limit). We’ve found that this leads to higher quality, more interesting audio - which in turn is more likely to retain listeners and have an easier time growing your audience. For this reason, when you create future podcast episodes with Anchor, you’ll need to chop your audio up into 5 minute segments (but we make it very fast and easy to do so). Your audio will still play through as one consecutive audio file in your podcast; this format only exists in the Anchor app.

More Questions?

Feel free to contact us at any time, at support@anchor.fm.

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