When logged in with Spotify, songs only available from Apple Music don't play (iOS only)

There's currently a bug in the Anchor iOS app preventing certain previews from playing in station playback.

If you are logged in with a premium Spotify account, you should have no problem hearing songs that are available on Spotify (whether they're only available on Spotify, or on both platforms). However, if you come across a song that's only available on Apple Music, it will not play.

This is not intentional (what should happen is that you should be able to hear the 30 second preview for Apple Music songs), and we'll fix it ASAP. In the meantime, there are two ways you can prevent playback from halting in this scenario:
  • If you have an Apple Music account, log in to it in addition to Spotify.
  • Disconnect Spotify (temporarily); you'll be able to hear 30 second previews for all music on Anchor.

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