Creating an episode or podcast

As of v2.6 of Anchor (released June 29, 2017), you can now create permanent episodes out of your Anchor audio, and optionally turn those episodes into a podcast. Here's how it works! (Screenshots in this article are from our Android app, but the workflow is identical in our iOS app.)

1. Add audio to your station

Before you can set up your episodes or podcast, you'll need to have audio in your current station. Tap the big red record button to get to all of Anchor's creation tools, and record your audio.

By default, any segment added to your station will be available for listeners to hear for 24 hours. This means that your station is a rolling story of all your most recent audio - so it's great for your daily listeners to catch up as you go. After a segment expires, it's preserved in your private archives (you can find these in the Station tab of your profile, right under your current station). At any time, you can export an archive (each one is sorted by date) and we'll email you the audio file so that you can use it in other places (external podcasts, Soundcloud, etc).

2. Create an episode

Only you can access your private archives. If you want to make content permanently available for your listeners, create an episode! Listeners will be able to hear an episode forever through your profile in the Anchor app; you can also share it on social media, or embed it on a website or blog.

From the profile tab in Anchor, tap the "+ Episode" button to create your first episode. You'll see all of your segments listed in the order you added them to your station. Choose which ones you'd like to add to your episode.


Note that certain types of audio cannot be saved to permanent episodes:

  • Music (full tracks from Spotify / Apple Music).
  • Other people's content (segments you've added to your station, other people's clips, etc). Call-ins to your own station are an exception; if someone calls in, that becomes content in your station, not theirs, so it can be saved to your episode.
You'll then be given the chance to choose a name for your episode, and that's it! You can preview your episode first if you'd like. When you're ready, tap the "Publish" button to save it.

You can make as many episodes as you like, but for now you can only create episodes out of audio that's currently in your station (meaning stuff in your archives won't be valid). You can, however, re-add audio from your archives to your active station if you'd like to turn it into an episode.

Note that if you remove segments from your current station, they will also be removed from any episodes in which they appear.

3. Create a podcast

At any time, you can turn your episodes into a podcast. Tap the "Set Up" button in the "Episodes" tab of your profile.

We'll do our best to generate everything you need for your podcast, but you'll have the option to customize:
  • The podcast name
  • The author of the podcast (this is who will get the credit when you're looking at it in podcast apps or services, so in most cases people choose their name or company name, but you can use whatever you want)
  • The podcast description
  • The podcast cover art
  • The podcast category
That's it! Once you submit your podcast, it can take up to 48 hours for it to be approved by the major podcast providers. We'll send you an email as soon as it's up and running, and we'll also include your RSS feed so you can submit it to additional places if you want to.

4. Managing your podcast

Once your podcast is set up, any episode you create in Anchor will be automatically synced to your podcast. If you delete or rename an episode in Anchor, that change will be reflected in your podcast listing as well.

You can change your preferences at any time by tapping the gear next to your podcast information in the "Episodes" tab of your profile. (This is also where you'll find share links for your podcast, so you can easily distribute it from the app.)

5. Podcast stats

Currently, we surface podcast listeners in Anchor, and we plan to provide more detailed stats over time. You can find your podcast listeners at the bottom of your listener list for any episode; just tap on the episode name from your profile and scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

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