Custom URLs

At any time, you can update the URL for your station to customize it with your own preferred branding. Here's how to choose a new URL:
  • From the Anchor app, go to your profile (last tab in the navigation bar)
  • Tap the menu icon in the top right corner (•••)
  • Select "Edit profile"
  • You should see a field called "Anchor URL"
  • Choose your username and save (note that special characters, spaces, and emoji are not allowed)
URL Squatting / Impersonating People or Brands

Impersonating someone else on Anchor is against our terms of service, and the same goes for custom URLs. If we receive a report that you're squatting on someone's (proven) brand name or using someone else's name, and determine that you are impersonating them, we have the right to return that URL to its rightful owner and revert your URL to the default.

If someone is using your name or brand name for their custom URL and you'd like to claim it for your own station, feel free to get in touch with us ( and we'll be happy to help.

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