Building your audience in Anchor

So you've got your Anchor station up and running, and now you're ready to get some listeners! Here's what we'd recommend to make that happen quickly.

Optimize Your Station

Make your station as compelling and consistent as possible, so that people who discover your station come back every day. Here are some tactics that can help:
  • Choose a theme. Make sure your listeners know what to expect, and that you're delivering on that expectation every time they listen. Once you have your theme, do what you can to differentiate your station from others that might be covering a similar genre (e.g., if you have a station about video games, how can you make sure people understand your unique voice and coverage?).
  • Update your station every day. Each time your station comes back on air (or adds new content since a listener has finished listening), your listeners will receive a push notification letting them know there's new stuff to hear.
  • Mix it up with a variety of content. If your station is all about interviews, break things up occasionally with interludes or songs. If it's a music-based station, add unique commentary every few songs to remind people that there's a human behind the scenes. If you're a professional podcaster sharing clips from your show, include some unique behind-the-scenes action to add a casual feel to your station; your listeners will love getting to know the people behind the show.
  • Treat call-ins like any other content. Only publish call-ins that you think will add something to your station, and that you think your listeners will enjoy. If you want to respond to the caller without publishing it, remember that you can call in to their station instead!
  • Watch your volume. The number one reason listeners lose interest in audio is that it's hard to hear. Make sure your voice isn't overpowered by background music, speak clearly into your microphone, and always preview your audio before posting it.

Share Your Station

The best way to get listeners is to share your station with your friends, family, and existing audience on other social networks. Some tips:
  • When sharing externally, try to make your post about the content in a specific segment instead of just advertising your station in general.
  • Encourage your listeners (both on and off platform) to favorite your station and to call in! This gives you more ways to bring them back into your station later.
  • Try sharing videos instead of links. From playback within the Anchor app, tap share and choose "Share segment." You'll see an option to share a custom video instead of a link. Note that the most popular segments in Anchor automatically trigger a transcription for their videos, which makes them even more appealing on other social networks - one more reason to make sure you're getting as many listeners as you can!

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